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Beakn is a simple and direct way to connect with your customers' smartphone device!


Beakn Loyalty

Your Automated Customer Loyalty Club
See that little device? That's Beakn - a powerful customer magnet. When a customer approaches your business, your personal Beakn sends a special offer to their phone to attract them inside. At the same time, Beakn sends YOU a text message with the customer's profile. Now you can can treat your customers like a VIP!

Expand Your Marketing Reach
Attract customer who are near your location! When a Beakn App user comes within 2-miles of your location, they receive a special in-app notification of a Secret Savings offer from your business.
Direct to Mobile Messaging
When a customer joins your loyalty club, you have direct access to their smartphone device. Now you can send direct, special offers and announcements to get them back for more.
BlueTooth Hardware Beacon
When you become a Beakn Loyalty merchant you receive one BlueTooth low-energy hardware beacon which automates your customer loyalty program. Your Beakn broadcasts a signal over 90ft through your front window to attract customers inside.
Unlimited Punch Cards & Offers
With Beakn you receive unlimited offers and punchcards to provide rewards and incentives to your loyal customers. So, now you can change or update an offer from any mobile device.

Beakn LightHouse

Place a LightHouse Beakn anywhere and amazing things happen! Now you can engage and connect with your visitors in a whole new way. Broadcast audio, video, text, images, documents or URL's to any smartphone with the Beakn App. Each LightHouse Beakn can be "followed" by your visitors so they can stay connected no matter where they go! Turn your physical locations into a dynamic web-enabled experience!

Businesses can use Beakn LightHouse to broadcast special offers, coupons, menus or just a warm welcome message.
Real Estate
Real Estate Agents can use LightHouse for their home listings. Each Beakn can share home details, video tours or a request to connect immediately.
Engage and connect with your church members in a whole new way. Broadcast dynamic multi-media content and communicate via group text messaging by ministry group.
...& many more
Event centers, sports venues, museums, historic sites, music venues, malls, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Beakn ShopMob

A Beakn ShopMob is a dynamic technology-enabled service that grows your business by 100 new customer in the first month! A ShopMob is a quick way to grow your business and increase revenue. Once a customer comes in to redeem their Beakn ShopMob gift card, they become a part of your Beakn Loyalty program which keeps them coming back for more! Then, every month, we help you grow your mobile loyalty program through physical and social channels! Discover how Beakn ShopMob can help you increase your bottom line!

Get 100 New Customers
How do we get you 100 new customer? We actually PAY customers to try your business. We print, distribute and promote your business with gift cards that are redeemed by new customers.
Keep Customers Coming Back
Then, we show you how to get your new customers into your Beakn Loyalty program which enables you to communicate directly to their smartphone device. How about them apples!
Get Personal Support
We have a Success Services support team that will work with you each month to optimize and grow your loyalty program. We help you consistently grow your mobile contact list so you can increase revenue each month.
Give Yourself a Raise
Beakn ShopMob is all about increasing the frequency and volume of your customer visits and transactions. This results in more profit...and that means a raise for you!

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